The Team | is the marketplace for visual Artists to buy and sell gear and Art online.

The Team


Dominick Lareau
The creator of FairPict. Apart from his work at FairPict, Dominick is a Fine Art Teacher, Photography Teacher and Art Director in the Gaming Industry. His passion for images and technologies led to the creation of FairPict…


Samuel Archambault
Samuel is the computer guy. With years of experience in php and several other languages, he makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Aside from FairPict, Samuel works as a computer software developer.

Céline Argentini
Our communication agent. Céline speaks four languages and has diplomas in Cinema and Communication plus studies in translation and programmation.  Very versatile, she helps in every aspect of the FairPict experience.

Emerance Bordeleau
The user experience expert. Emerance uses her knowledge as a costumer service agent, her passion for industrial design and her research in social studies to make sure the FairPict users have a faultless experience.

Sonia Thiffault
Our public relation representative. Closely implicated with the artistic events in her community and very active on her blog about artists, her mission is to contribute to the visibility and networking of FairPict!


We are currently looking for photo and video/film passionates to write for our blog. Friendly, Honest, Trustworthy, Respectful, Passionate, Punctual are qualities we like. Contact us if you think you can contribute! HERE