Aires Penta 35, F2 lens Rare!

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Aires Penta 35, F2 lens Rare!

*The asa wheel turns but the indicator does not indicate the number anymore…

The Aires Penta 35 LM camera was manufactured by the Aires Camera Industries Company of Tokyo, Japan in circa 1961-62. It was similar to the Aires Penta 35 but featured a built-in meter and a H Coral F2 lens. Like the Penta 35, this camera provided a 1:1 life size view through a built-in pentaprism with fresnel field lens for corner to corner brilliance. Optional 90mm telephoto or 36mm wide angle adapter lenses were also available. The shutter was a SLV leaf-type, providing 10 speeds ranging from 1 second to 1/500 of a second, plus B. Other features included a fully automatic diaphragm which stops down instantly when you take the picture, Built-in split field optical rangefinder, and rapid wind lever advances the film – cocks the shutter – and prevents double exposures.  – From

If you have interest in this camera contact me!

Camera has not been tested but I assume it still works. The shutter is still functioning!

Ask if you have any question.
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