FAQ | Fairpict.com is the marketplace for visual Artists to buy and sell gear and Art online.


FairPict is the hub for Visual arTists 

SELL and BUY your GEAR + your ART!

FairPict is:


THE BEST PLACE TO SELL YOUR GEAR AND YOUR ART  FairPict is 99.99% free to use! We apply the $0.01 cent rule: We charge you $0.01 cent, ONLY if you make a sell! (no matter the profit you make or the total amount of your sell) *The only other fees are from Paypal (only if you sell something using your Paypal account) / Fairpict has no affiliation with Paypal.

 SAFE – You can buy and sell with confidence in a secure environment – SSL protected (https://fairpict.com). + PayPal transactions providing a maximum protection for the buyers and the sellers. PayPal protection: HERE.  *PayPal fees: HERE.

 USER-FRIENDLY – Buyers don’t have to login or register to purchase products. Sellers can create a store and add as many items as they want for free (Physical and Virtual). + The adds will never expire!

 PROFESSIONAL – We provide you with all the tools to sell your Gear and your Art right here on FairPict.

 NON-EXCLUSIVE –  You already have a website and, you would like to display your products on it?  We give you the code to do so! (Simple Snippets that you can insert in the pages of your choice)

 RESPECTFUL OF YOUR PRIVACY –  We will not share the informations you enter on our site. Read more…

 SUPPORTED BY A DEDICATED TEAM – You can easily communicate with us using: English, Français, Español, Italiano.


How to sell


1- Click on SELL

2-  Login with your Facebook  or  Register. It’s completely free!

3- Enter your  Paypal Email in “My Profile”. Very important if you want customers to pay you when they purchase a product!

4- Open a shop by filling up your Shop Information: Name, Description.

4-  Fill in the Shipping Section of your Shop: Shipping Costs + Availability (countries you want to ship to – for physical products).

5-  Go to My Products or My Medias of your Shop and start adding products! (The prices you will set for your products are in US $)

6-  Make money!


*Make sure you read our Terms and Agreements